Mr & Mrs Agyei`s daughter confirmation

Brother Frank presenting a gift to the family

Here is our brother Frank from the welfare team in Klofta area of the Ghana union 🇬🇭 presenting a gift to Mr Agyei`s family on the occasion of the confirmation party of their daughter🎁🌹🎊

Farewell to our brother A.K.A Razak

Brother Razak

Good day everyone. As most of you’ve heard unofficially this week, we unfortunately lost one of our members in the community Mr Agyei Ntiamoah popularly known as Razak on Sunday 18.09.22 after a short illness in Ghana.

On behalf of the Ghana 🇬🇭 union and the entire community we do extend our heartfelt condolences to the wife Edna and the children Stanley and Pamela. May our brother’s soul Rest In Peace 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Any further arrangements will be communicated to you. Thanks

Welfare Presenting gift to Rachel

The welfare team of the ghana union presenting a gift to Rachel, daughter of Sis. Maggie Kwao and Bro. her Confirmation Party on saturday 17-09-22.

Appreciation From Rikard Fyri

Appreciation From Rikard Fyri And the Family

One week observation

The welfare team, Lørenskog visited Mr Frimpong and family yesterday 13.08.22 to mourn with him at the passing of his mother. May her soul Rest In Peace 🙏🏿. In the picture, from left Bro Nana Yaw, Mrs Joyce Frimpong, Mr Frimpong and Bro Joshua.

Welfare Visitations

Welfare Visitations

The Welfare Team visited Uncle George at Gran/Nittedal yesterday 24.06.22. Uncle George lost his dear mum in Ghana last month. May her soul Rest In Peace

We also visited Sister Mavis yesterday, 24.06.22. She celebrated her 60th birthday on Monday. The team had already been in touch with her on her birthday

Brother James Birthday

Our brother James (in the middle) celebrated his 40th birthday and the welfare team with our sister Rita and the Ghana Union Financial Secretary, brother Michael was present to donate a gift on behalf of the Ghana union 🇬🇭

Children’s Easter Party

The Ghana Union and the children and youth department wish to extend their gratitude for the massive help and attendance for the children’s easter party which occured in April 2022. It was indeed a sunny and a jolly moment to remember.

The children had moments of interaction with each other , they were able to practice some of the various ghanaian languages they know of and had games that were related to the ghanaian culture.

Some of the games were somehow challenging for them to execute since it was new to them but there are still room for improvement.
We therefore encourage parents to speak their native languages with their children/wards, since they showed great interest in wanting to learn it.

Last but not the least, special thanks goes to the following Associations and the Chiefs in our community for their financial support:
-Northern Ghana Union Association
– The council of chiefs
-Ghanaian Women Association Norway
– Sisters Keepers Association

And all who helped in their own little ways to make this program a success.

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