Brother James Birthday

Our brother James (in the middle) celebrated his 40th birthday and the welfare team with our sister Rita and the Ghana Union Financial Secretary, brother Michael was present to donate a gift on behalf of the Ghana union 🇬🇭

Children’s Easter Party

The Ghana Union and the children and youth department wish to extend their gratitude for the massive help and attendance for the children’s easter party which occured in April 2022. It was indeed a sunny and a jolly moment to remember.

The children had moments of interaction with each other , they were able to practice some of the various ghanaian languages they know of and had games that were related to the ghanaian culture.

Some of the games were somehow challenging for them to execute since it was new to them but there are still room for improvement.
We therefore encourage parents to speak their native languages with their children/wards, since they showed great interest in wanting to learn it.

Last but not the least, special thanks goes to the following Associations and the Chiefs in our community for their financial support:
-Northern Ghana Union Association
– The council of chiefs
-Ghanaian Women Association Norway
– Sisters Keepers Association

And all who helped in their own little ways to make this program a success.

Welfare Teams for your Areas.

Greetings everyone. Find attached an updated list of the welfare teams for your areas. Each team has a leader. I order for us to carry out our duties as a welfare group we appreciate if you can furnish us with your birth dates (only the day and month). This can be sent to the team leader for your area. Each team leader has his or her telephone number attached.
And please I humbly appeal to all not to post any videos etc so that everyone will get the opportunity to check the list. Thanks 🙏🏿


Mr Thomas Tawiah (Team leader)
Tlf. 922 45 737
Mr George Effah
Sister Irene Sarpong


Sister Rita Andersen (Team leader)
Tlf. 978 91 822
Sister Beatrice Ankrah
Sister Edna Kechi Immerslund

Sentrum (Tøyen, Grønnland, Ullevål etc)

Søndre Nordstrand, Østensjø, Lambertseter

Sister Gina Addae (Team leader)
Tlf. 473 33 735
Sister Rita Nuwudu
Sister Bridget Derry
Sister Dorothy Mensah
Bro. Joshua Hewton (Welfare Secretary; 93616862)

Ski/Ås/Vestby/Moss/Askim/Indre Østfold (Askim/Mysen)

Sister Gloria Nelson Nilson (Team leader), Tlf. 912 54 088
Sister Selawose Paintsil
Bro Bright Yeboah
Bro Mohammed Alhasan
Maame Abena

Stovner/Høybråten/Romsås (Grorud)

Sister Charity Boateng (Team leader) 
Tlf. 400 61 584
Sister Naomi Boateng
Bro Kyeremeh
Sister Esther Antwi


Bro Jones(Team leader)
Tlf. 40950958
Bro. Frank Kwame Frimpong
Sis. Christiana Owusu
Nana Yaw


Bro. Frank Omane (Team leader) Tlf. 984 79 037
Bro. Jacob
Bro William (Kweku)
Sister Barbara Lykkja

Events Calendar

Creating a New Event Calendar for the Union

Good News !
We have finally build a New Event Calendar which will take care of all our members activities, Therefore we Would like to suggest  anyone planning any Event activities like confirmation, wedding, funeral, big birthday celebration do notify the Welfare Secretary, Mr Joshua Hewton. This I believe will help to avoid conflict of dates etc. remember we are one big family here and we’re the same people attending these functions. 

Thank you all for your understanding and if you have a question, suggestions or advice to help make things easier and better, please send it out to our union’s suggestions email box, but not on the union’s WhatsApp platform.The address is

This is to avoid loading the platform with too much information. The welfare group will then follow up your suggestions on these issues.
Thank you so much.

Thank you Message

Good evening everyone. Hope you’ve all had a good week. Another weekend is here with us and pray for a good weekend too.
Thank you all for the good work you’re doing.
Will be calling directly to everyone to check on you 🙏🏿.

Welfare Secretary
Mr Joshua Hewton

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