Voting Results

Fellow Ghanaians,
‘At long last the battle has ended’. A new president for Ghana Union has been elected.

Below are the results as collacted and verified by the EC.
Total votes cast both electronic and physical – 57.
Total physical ballots – 22
Total electronic ballot – 35

Lindsay – 26 = 45,6%
Johnny – 16 = 28,1
Baba – 15 = 26,3%

By a simple majority the EC therefore declares Mr. Lindsay the winner of the election.

The EC will furnish the Union with a comprehensive report on the electoral process in due course.

The EC want to Thank all for turning out to vote, the election observers and those who assisted in various ways to the process. This election is historic for 2 reasons. 

1. The most turn out in the history of the Union.
2. Electronic voting for first time.

There has been challenges along the way. Tech hitches earlier on in the day delayed the zoom broadcast. The EC has taken note of these and will put in place the necessary remedies in subsequent elections. Thank you all!


The President speech

The President Elect : Mr Lindsay Parkinson

Today is a new dawn!

A new beginning and a fresh start!
Following an intense campaign to elect the Chairmanship of the Ghana Union in Oslo, the formidable local Electoral Commission (EC) last night declared me the winner of the elections.

May I use this opportunity to congratulate the members of the EC who worked tirelessly to oversee this exercise to a successful end. May I also thank all the 57 individuals who came out to vote both in person and online; especially the 26 who voted in my favour. You believed in me, you voted for a change, you voted for action and I do look forward to working with everyone to take our Union, its members and the entire community to a better place filled with “milk and honey”.

I see this victory not as my victory but a victory for us all. I will be knocking on your doors for your help and wisdom as I take on the helms of the Union. Together we can turn around the narrative, we can create that sense of belonging again and make our Union glorious once more.

I have heard all your stories of anguish.
I have seen the severity of division within our beautiful community.
And I know how earnestly you all desire for a change, for things to begin to work and for love to reign within all of us again.

Today, it will be my responsibility to rise to this occasion as I lead the way. I cannot do it all. I am therefore counting on the support I will receive from my team whom I will announce in due course. The work to recovery and change is just starting. As fierce, as turbulent and as daunting as the task may seem, I choose to look at the glass half full and say TOGETHER WE CAN!

Thank you for the honour.
Thank you for the privilege to serve you all.
God bless each and every one of you, God bless the Ghana Union of Oslo and God bless our motherland Ghana!

Thank you!
Lindsay Parkinson

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