WhatsApp Guidelines

Dear honorable members , let’s not forget the rules and regulations concerning this WhatsApp platform. It won’t be nice to start blocking people who will not follow the rules.


Ghana Union Oslo / Viken Norway WhatsApp Group Rules and Guidelines

1. Ghana Union is a voluntary, non-political, non-religious and non-tribal organisation.
2. We have created this group for the Ghanaian community in Norway and its related activities. Irrelevant contents do not belong to this platform.
3. Please, do not discuss any religious, political and tribal matters on this platform unless otherwise authorised by Ghana Union Norway.
4. Do not share irrelevant forwarded audio, videos, photos and messages.
5. Do not advertise any business or event on this group without approval from the board of Ghana Union.
6. Mutual respect is required during discussions. Respect other viewpoints even if not aligned with ones views.
7. Offensive language, posts that promote violence, sexually explicit contents and other adult materials like pornography are not allowed on this platform.
8. Postings on this platform are restricted to matters that directly affect us as a community.
9. Do not post messages after 11pm during weekdays (Monday to Friday).
10. We will take the following actions on offending incidents:

(1) First time offenders will be warned.
(11) Subsequent offenders will be permanently removed from the platform.

These ten (10) simple guidelines will, hopefully, keep this group functioning like a well-oiled machine. It is crucial for all of us to follow these rules and make the Ghana Union Norway Group a better, focused and organised platform for the upliftment of our community.

Ghana Union Oslo / Viken Norway

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