Month: June 2022

Mr Akwasi Owusu

The Ghana 🇬🇭 union Oslo/Viken regrets to announce the death of Mr Akwasi Owusu, popular called “WOFA”. This sad event occurred this morning 27th June 2022 in Ghana. 

The executives of the Union are in contact with the family and will later convey any further information to the community. Those who want to get in touch with his son Kwabena can call his mother Sister Beatrice Owusu on her number 48060481. May his soul Rest is Peace 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Welfare Visitations

Welfare Visitations

The Welfare Team visited Uncle George at Gran/Nittedal yesterday 24.06.22. Uncle George lost his dear mum in Ghana last month. May her soul Rest In Peace 😢



We also visited Sister Mavis yesterday, 24.06.22. She celebrated her 60th birthday on Monday. The team had already been in touch with her on her birthday 🎂

Constitutional Review



1. The name Union of Ghanaians in Norway needs to discussed and adopt appropriate official name. The Interim Board is suggesting Ghana Union Oslo and Viken.

2. Logo of the Association to be protected by the constitution. It has been noted that the logo of the Association keeps changing by the last three Executives. The Association needs stable and continual logo that can only be changed by General Assembly consensus.

3.Website and official email addresses created for the Executives to enhance continuity and cyber presence of the Association

4. Issuance of membership cards (2002 constitution article 3 clause 5)

5. Annual Dues be reduced from 200kr to 100kr to boast membership numbers. This amount is open to immediate review should the Association reclaim its desired glory. (2002 Constitution article 8 clause 1)

6. The maximum term of office for the Executive should be 2 terms( 3years per term). (2002 Constitution article 7 clause 2)

7. Kind of Advisory committee be established to help The Executives navigate internal/external challenges (Article 4)

8. A standing EC to act as an autonomous body to be the Tenure check of the Executive to remedy the recent rough and bumpy transitions.




DATE: 22.01. 2022  

                                                             SCHEDULED FOR 2:00 HRS                                                                         



1. The meeting was called to order by the chairperson Madam Amina Mahama. Prayers offered.Previous meeting minutes adopted. Objective of the General Assembly Meeting clearly amplified.

2. Johnny Wagoods a member of the Interim Board gave the summary of the mandate executed by the Interim Board of the Ghana Union Norway.

3. Madam Linda Blankson gave the financial status of the Association

4. Attendants had questions with the part of the mandate report which states that the Interim Board members dipped into their pockets to help facilitate the welfare workings of the Association. The subject matter was well explained to the admiration of the participants

5. The chair of the meeting invited the elected President, Mr. Parkinson, to introduce his Executives which he did. The chair announced if any participant has anything that may bar any introduced members from occupying Executive office of the Association. No objection(s)

6. With the permission granted by the General Assembly of Ghana Union Norway as its constitution stipulates the chairperson invoked open vote to accept  the Executives nominated by the elected incoming President. 100% was the vote outcome.

7. The now President of the Association outlined his objectives of his tenure at the helm of the Ghana Union Norway

8. The meeting was adjourned