Get the Most Out of Us Be Part of Us: Our Welfare Team is Ready to Receive You

Welfare Visitations

Welfare Visitations

The Welfare Team visited Uncle George at Gran/Nittedal yesterday 24.06.22. Uncle George lost his dear mum in Ghana last month. May her soul Rest In Peace

We also visited Sister Mavis yesterday, 24.06.22. She celebrated her 60th birthday on Monday. The team had already been in touch with her on her birthday

Brother James Birthday

Our brother James (in the middle) celebrated his 40th birthday and the welfare team with our sister Rita and the Ghana Union Financial Secretary, brother Michael was present to donate a gift on behalf of the Ghana union 🇬🇭

Thank you Message

Good evening everyone. Hope you’ve all had a good week. Another weekend is here with us and pray for a good weekend too.
Thank you all for the good work you’re doing.
Will be calling directly to everyone to check on you 🙏🏿.

Welfare Secretary
Mr Joshua Hewton

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