Children’s Easter Party

The Ghana Union and the children and youth department wish to extend their gratitude for the massive help and attendance for the children’s easter party which occured in April 2022. It was indeed a sunny and a jolly moment to remember. The children had moments of interaction with each other , they were able to practice some of the various ghanaian languages they know of and had games that were related to the ghanaian culture. Some of the games were somehow challenging for them to execute since it was new to them but there are still room for improvement. We therefore encourage parents to speak their native languages with their children/wards, since they showed great interest in wanting to learn it. Last but not the least, special thanks goes to the following Associations and the Chiefs in our community for their financial support: -Northern Ghana Union Association – The council of chiefs -Ghanaian Women Association Norway – Sisters Keepers Association And all who helped in their own little ways to make this program a success. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. TOGETHER WE CAN BUILD A BETTER GHANA UNION

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